The Belnet network is now fully restored

The Belnet network is now recovered and accessible to universities, schools of higher education, research centers and government services

During Tuesday evening, our clients' websites were no longer accessible after an incident on our network. Following the incident, the institutions connected to the Belnet network were impacted with no internet access for a period of around four hours.

All organizations connected to the Belnet network were impacted, i.e. around 200 institutions including universities such as the UCL, public institutions like the VRT, and research centers. The websites of several federal public services were also unavailable.

Fully restored connectivity

Our teams, with the help of the network infrastructure provider, came into action as soon as 9:45 pm when the incident occurred to investigate the problem and restore the connectivity. Connectivity was back around 2:15 am for most of the Belnet costumers. Connectivity was fully restored at 5:30 am.

Root causes unknown

To this moment, the exact causes of the incident are not yet fully identified but in-depth technical analyzes are currently underway. It already appears that it was not a “DDoS” attack.

Besides, there was no maintenance being performed and no ongoing migration on the network yesterday.

Belnet is aware of the impacts of this incident on its customers and their operation. Since Belnet’s creation in 1993, the Belnet network has consistently remained highly stable and reliable. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we will conduct in-depth analysis in the coming hours.

Any questions? Please contact our Belnet Service Desk 24/7 on 02 790 33 00 or via