Belnet, the Belgian NREN, blows out 25 candles!

Does the year 1993 remind you of something? For Belnet, this was the beginning of a beautiful story. It was in 1993 that Belnet, the national network for research and education (NREN - National Research and Education Network), was set up to meet the specific needs of higher education, research institutions and government services in Belgium.

During the past 25 years, Belnet has continuously developed its infrastructure - which is innovative and of high quality - and we have also been fully engaged in related services. This allowed us to contribute to the growth of the knowledge- and information society. Hence the more than 70 employees, Belnet has also grown strongly as an organisation.

In the meantime, about 200 organisations are connected to the Belnet network, which together represent about 800.000 end-users. This proves that Belnet remains your trusted partner and we are very grateful for that. On our side, we still strive to meet your needs and provide you with high quality and professional services.

Throughout the year, you will find a "special 25 years"-section in our newsletter, in which we will collect all kinds of memories: photos, anecdotes, testimonials, ... In short: everything you always wanted to know about Belnet. Do not miss this monthly appointment!

Also during the Belnet Networking Conference, which takes place on Thursday October 18th at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, we will celebrate our 25 years as it should be. Make a note of the date in your agenda!