Are you also taking part in the European Cybersecurity Month?

Published on Wed, 09/27/2023 - 11:02

October is just around the corner and, as usual, that means paying extra attention to information security. European Cybersecurity Month is THE opportunity to inform and raise awareness among your colleagues and end-users and turn them into true cyber heroes. Still looking for inspiration or ready-to-use communication material? Keep an eye on the GÉANT website!

Use the free communication materials 

Ever since 2020, Belnet has been contributing to the annual awareness campaign conducted by the European research network GÉANT. This year, GÉANT is launching yet another campaign to increase cybersecurity awareness across Europe's R&E community.

Here's what to expect: 

  • In four animated videos, we follow the adventures of Granny Smith, a retired lady trying to earn money from cybercrime. Several themes are covered in a playful way, such as online privacy, phishing, ransomware and incident reporting. The videos are subtitled in Dutch and French, so they are also perfect for use in your organisation. You can use the material free of charge to raise awareness among your employees and end users.
  • Inspiring interviews and blog posts on the CONNECT website throughout October. 
  • You should also be sure to follow GÉANT's social media channels (Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram) and to share your updates using the hashtag #BecomeACyberHero.
  • A series of free webinars in which security and awareness experts share their insights on topics such as simulated phishing tests and behavioral change. Register now!
    • 5/10: Cybersecurity for universities, current threats in the security landscape… and how to face them! Speaker: Kieren Lovell, Head of IT Security at BetVictor.
    • 12/10: Phishing tests: to do or not to do? Panel discussion with Inka Karpinnen (CybSafe), Tommy Van Steen (Leiden University) and Nathan Duffy (HEAnet) moderated by Cornelia Puhze (SWITCH).
    • 19/10: Exploring the impact of neurodiversity on cybersecurity practice and risk management – A cyber psychological perspective. Speaker: Holly Foxcroft, Head of Neurodiversity in Cyber Research and Consulting at Stott and May Consulting.
    • 24/10: Successful internal awareness programme in R&E: approaches and outcomes. Speaker: Jan Landsaat, Privacy Officer at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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