"The advantage of Belnet is that you can, yourself, enhance your job. That is to say, I can take on responsibilities myself rather than wait for someone to give them to me."
“I think the daily contacts with customers are very interesting. I also like the variety of my job.”
“Working for a public service like Belnet offers a certain level of stability. Moreover I can combine my job with my private life.”
"What’s nice about Belnet is that you are really responsible for every aspect of a project. As a result you can implement a whole project from A to Z. I also appreciate the fact that you can be part of the decision-making process."
"I work in a high technology environment, even if it is a public one. It is precisely because it is a public environment that it is interesting: our objective is not to make a profit but rather to give the highest quality service possible."
"The fact that I have helped to build up the HR policy from scratch was a real challenge for me."