Mission et vision

Our mission 

  • Belnet stimulates scientific development through innovative high-quality network infrastructures and associated services, to the benefit of Belgian higher education and research.  
  • Belnet accelerates the growth of the knowledge and information society thanks to the expertise it has built up, its unique position in the market and its economies of scale.
  • Belnet develops communication services for and in favor of public institutions.

Our vision

"Dedicated Connectivity" is the vision of Belnet . Belnet provides specific connectivity in the field of services, federation and network for several clearly defined target groups in education, research and administration, and also gives access to (services of) the global internet as well as to ( inter)national research networks on all continents of our planet.

Our strategic objectives 

  • Trusted Partner. Belnet is for its customers a reliable partner in which they can have confidence and that offers value-added services on a network of superior quality.
  • Focus on service and security. The emphasis is clearly on providing services that use the proposed Belnet connectivity. The specific attention to security is the common thread of providing services.
  • Superior network. A superior network is and remains a sine qua non condition for Customer Service and to offer new services.
  •  Professional organisation. Belnet is a professional organisation following clear rules and reporting transparently .

Our values

  • Reliability: Belnet is a reliable, stable, non-commercial and neutral partner for its customers
  • Service to the customers: Focused on customer service and community, Belnet develops services and a specific infrastructure tailored to their needs
  • Effectiveness: Belnet is an effective organization, efficient and of quality.
  • Professionalism: Belnet work with professionalism by providing the expertise and know-how.

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