Belnet sites


  • Belgian national research network: Belnet
  • The Belgian National Internet Exchange: BNIX

For Belnet customers

For FedMAN customers

International Research Networks

  • Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association: TERENA
  • Other European research networks - see TERENA member list
  • DANTE - Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe - DANTE
  • Géant Pan-European Research Network – GEANT
  • Internet2 - North-American Research Network - INTERNET2        

Organisations to which Belnet belongs

  • Belgian Association for Internet Domain Name Registration - DNS.BE
  • RIPE Networking Co-ordination Centre (= Regional Internet Registry) - RIPE NCC
  • Belgian Internet Service Providers Association ISPA
  • European Internet Exchange Association - EURO-IX

Federal Government

  • Portal site of the Federal government - BELGIUM.BE
  • Belgian Science Policy Office - BELSPO