The Belnet network

The most recent Belnet network has been in operation since February 2016 for universities, colleges of higher education, research centers and public services. In collaboration with the Walloon Government, Flemish Government and commercial partners, Belnet laid a 1,983 km fiber network. This hybrid network combines a traditional IP network with an optical layer. The basis for this optical layer is glass fibre.

Huge data streams

With the new Belnet network, connections up to 100 Gbit/s are possible. The network is also connected to the commercial internet, and to European and worldwide research networks via GÉANT. This European research network links educational and research institutions from all over the world to each other. Belnet offers also many network services on his network.

Advanced technology

The fiber network allows the transmission of data via lightpaths. These are direct connections between two points, without the intervention of routers. The main advantages of lightpaths are their high capacity, quality and reliability. They can easily transport huge data streams, and are therefore offering new possibilities for research and education.

For whom?

Belnet delivers internet access and services to 200 institutions and more than 740,000 end users.

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Only organisations belonging to the above-mentioned categories may join Belnet.

More information

Our support site (for customers only) contains a technical description of the network.