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Digital Certificates Service

Digital certificates for more security

With a recognised digital certificate, you protect your network and offer your users secure communications with your servers, via https protocol for example. As a Registration Authority, Belnet has the power to issue certificates for your servers and their DNS names.
The allocation is made according to rules which have been agreed in contracts with Terena, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, which has taken the initiative for the Digital Certificates Service. The digital certificates are only available to recognised research centres, universities and colleges which are connected to the Belnet network.

Your benefits

  • Confidence
    The digital certificate is a security label. It creates (extra) trust amongst people who use the servers.
  • Protection
    It's very simple for your organisation to set up secure servers (via https for example).
  • No extra costs
    You can ask for an unlimited number of certificates at no extra cost.
  • Recognised worldwide
    The certificates are internationally recognised; your servers can be consulted from anywhere in the world with complete security.

Certify your online services now

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More information about digital certificats is available here.