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Belnet R&E Federation

Single sign-on for a wide range of services

The Belnet R&E Federation unites educational and research institutions connected to the Belnet network in a common infrastructure. Thus, these institutions, as identity providers, give their students and employees with access to the online services available within the federation (FileSender, viaBel.net, Antispam Pro, Mconf). What's more, organisations can make their applications available within the federation as service providers.

Your advantages

  • Simplified registration
    The Belnet R&E Federation makes it possible for your organisation to simplify its administration. You are responsible only for the accounts of the users of your organisation. Plus, your users need only to register once, with your own organisation.  
  • Unique login
    Each user receives a unique login from his or her organization. This login offers quick and easy access to the different web applications provided.  Thus, users no longer need to remember the different user names and passwords for all the services they wish to use.
  • High availability
    Users can make use of the services at their organisation, but also at home or when visiting another organisation.
  • Better and more efficient service
    Thanks to the Belnet R&E Federation, your organisation can reach a larger academic audience with its services. Moreover, students and employees have access to more online services.

Join the Belnet R&E Federation

Submit your application online and our Customer Relations Team will further process your application.
For more technical information, visit our support site. (Only  available to organisations connected to the Belnet network). You can also visit our Federation website if you want more informations on the service providers (SPs).
You can also contact our team with questions concerning the Belnet R&E federation via mail or by phone 02 790 33 00.